Dynamical 3D have signed a partnership with Carbon®. By means of this agreement, Dynamical 3D has become in the first production partner in Spain being able to provide the 3d printing services with their machines.

From this time on, Dynamical 3D will be able to produce in Spain final parts with the American technology offering to all the clients unusually short delivery times and unique solutions to all the challenges that the industry might face every single day.

Dynamical 3D will give an integral service from the first phase when a company has to identify how the additive manufacturing technologies can help them on their productive processes to the phase of produce the parts through these technologies, solving the challenges of the designing issues.

Who is Carbon®?

Carbon® is a North-American company founded on 2013 and settled in California being present worldwide through their Production partners.

From California, they have developed a unique technology patented named Digital Light Synthesis™ which allow them amongst many other things print unique geometries on a continuous way, obtaining isotropic properties on the final parts.

Why Carbon?

Through the Carbon® printing technology, they have developed a wide range of materials which are increasing day by day and which cover a huge variety of sector among which are notable for their intensive use the automotive, dental, end-use parts, aerospacial, offering solutions to all the industries in all the steps of their productive processes.

The printing speed is other special feature which allows Carbon® to go into the next step on the additive manufacturing world, allowing them to produce thousands of end-use parts, positioning them as a perfect complement and competitor against the injection moulding industry.


High volume production


Isotropic properties


Engineering-grade materials properties


Exceptional Surface quality

Available Services

With Dynamical 3D Printing service you can explore new 3D Printing technologies that might not be available to you otherwise. Specifically Digital Light Synthesis™ technology from Carbon®. With this 3D Printing technology you can achieve extremely accurate parts, part-to-part consistency with no feature variance.

Ask for a quote from our sales team, a in-house engineering staff review your design for manufacturability, and you will receive a quote.