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If you were looking for a company to develop and industrialize your project (automatic machines, appliances, tools, Industry 4.0, etc …), you have found it.

Dynamical 3D offers our clients the opportunity to reduce the development time of a new product and improve innovation cycles by using the most innovative 3D scanning and software methods, as well as highly qualified personnel with the most extended 3D design software in the market.

Dynamical 3D offers multiple customized solutions:

Comprehensive design: Our technical office will shape your product. We provide experience to optimize aesthetics, facilitate its manufacture and improve the performance of the final product.

Redesign: Obtaining 3D files of a product of which we have no plans.

Discontinued spare parts: There is old machinery on the market in perfect conditions of use of which spare parts are no longer manufactured because the manufacturer has been extinguished or simply because it has been discontinued. Reverse engineering reduces many hours of work and is essential to obtain these spare parts.

We offer solutions taking into account the entire process of creating a product

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We offer design solutions in a variety of applications: from simple designs to complex assemblies.


Dynamical 3D throughout its large experience in the additive manufacturing environment is able to offer the best service using the most advanced software for industrial design and which allow us to make everything real. Thanks to our vast experience we are specialist in different processes involved on the 3d Printing environment:

  • Modelling
  • Complex surfaces
  • Assembly
  • Sheet metal design
  • Fluid conducting engineering

Ask us if you want to make real a design from an idea or improve the existing design


Other of the services offered by Dynamical 3D is 3D modelling, artistic rendering and the preparation to 3D print it. Conceptual 3D design specially focused on idea contests, movies, advertising, etc. Dynamical 3D is a company formed by a high experienced team in the decoration and artistic field.

  • Artistic 3D Design oriented to 3D printing
  • Museums and heritage conservation
  • Publicity and window dressing
  • Trophies
  • Cinema elements
  • Interior dressing

Dynamical 3D offers scanning services in order to complete an integral service on the 3D environment. The inspection of industrial parts, replacement of discontinued parts when spare parts are not available or the creation of architectural models and heritage, are some of these applications.

We have different types of scanner depending on the piece to be digitized (size, material, interior / exterior, resolution or precision). With Dynamical 3D, the customer can count on a department of metrology and reverse engineering equipped with the latest technologies.

The main fields we cover are:

  • Geometric and dimensional analysis
  • Calibration and certification of tools
  • Inspection of first series articles
  • Inspection during the manufacturing process.
  • Contactless inspection
  • Art and heritage

Our engineering service offers:

  • 3D scanning for replicas
  • Virtual backups of artistic works
  • Modification of 3d files
  • Extensions and reductions
  • Model symmetry
  • Preparation of 3D printing files

Dynamical 3D is a large format 3D printer manufacturer, an advantage that our 3D printing service takes advantage of, since we have a print farm where we can make prototypes, short runs and medium runs using FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication).

In addition to our own printers, we offer different printing technologies, being able to choose the most appropriate in each case.

We work with a wide range of technical materials, to meet the demands of each piece.

Fast and functional prototypes, custom parts, short and medium series manufacturing. Any project that requires 3D printing can be done.

Wind tunnel prototype

Wind tunnel prototype

Aeration nozzle 3 outputs



PA12 Laser Sintered Polyamide

PEKK fixture

Functional parts printing

Dynamical 3D is the first Production Partner in Spain

Carbon® is revolutionizing manufacturing. Companies from Adidas to Ford are making possible impossible products every day. Whether it’s a new product or the improvement of an existing one, Carbon® brings you closer to the market faster than ever.

With our patented Digital Light SynthesisTM (DLSTM) technology, only Carbon® is capable of delivering end-use parts with industrial materials and an optimal surface finish. Make a piece or a million, the only limit is your imagination.

In our experience we have worked with several industrial sectors and we can recommend the most appropriate materials for your application, having many of them as demanding certifications as the FDA for dental and medical materials.

One of our main fields of activity is the automotive sector for which we have EPX82 material, resistant to all kinds of fluids, salt fog, and specially formulated to comply with specific automotive certifications.

We have made 3D prints in different technologies (FFF, DLS, SLS, …) for all kinds of industrial sectors: food, automotive, electronics, steel, aeronautics, petrochemicals, consumer objects. From the prototype to the final production, we are able to print in many applications.


These types of treatments give a different and quality touch that goes beyond the possibilities offered by 3D printing  technology, thus seeking greater customization giving a personal finish to the final piece.

It must be taken into account that some of the treatments we offer are, to a greater or lesser extent, a removal of material in the piece, something that can affect the dimensional quality of the piece, so it is important to choose the right one. In Dynamical 3D we have the experience that will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Chrome plated




Acetone steam

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